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One who is adept in playing video games. He or she is so good, it is as if they have an intimate relationship with the game or the console itself. In fact, he or she might be.
Wow, Schmitty, killing Ramm in 2 minutes? You are such a gamesexual. Uh, stop stroking the 360.
by drewby05 March 10, 2007
The heightened evolution of man into one who is naturally good at video games. A gamesexual's skill is l33t no matter which console, game, or input device they are using.
Schmiddy! This is your first time playing DDR and you scored a perfect-score on Sakura uber-hard difficulty mode! You're such a gamesexual. Hey...Schmiddy....Schmiddy! No spooning with the dance pad!
by Hahaha09 March 27, 2007
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