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A person who possesses an obsession with video games. Can be used to describe: someone that plays video games for 8 hours a day or more almost everyday, or everyday; someone who can answer nearly or all of your video game questions you could possibly have; someone who constantly would rather sit at home, work, or wherever and play video games instead of spending time with his/her friends; someone who spends the majority of their time doing something video game related.
John: Dude how much time do you spend playing video games anyways?
Larry: About 9.
John: You're a total gameophiliac.

Chuck: Hey, when did the Atari 2600-
Jackie: 1975
Chuck: ....OK. Do you know who invented Mar-
Jackie: Shigeru Miyamoto
~20 successfully answered video game questions later~
Chuck: You're a gameophiliac, you know that?
Jackie: Yeah.

Adam: Andy, wanna go to the lake with me today? Ryan and Max will be there.
Andy: No, I'm playing video games right now.
Adam: Oh my god, you are always playing video games. Every time I ask you to do something, you're always busy with a video game. You are starting to become a total gameophiliac.
Andy: DUDE SHUT UP! I'm playing COD4 on Live and I can't hear my teammates.

Bill: You're friend is pretty tight. What does she do for a living?
Hayden: Oh, she works for Nintendo.
Bill: Wow. Is she a gameophiliac?
Hayden: Pretty much.
by Yogérto August 31, 2008
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