As if the fact that people utterly cheat by using GameFAQs isn't bad enough, they also have this Internet "forum" run down by a community full of many different kinds of people, but I will run down the list: grammar whores, grammar whores, nerds, losers, over-excited losers, pervs, Nintendo fanboys, people who act like GameFAQs is life, and smart and funny people, but we'll ignore those for now, because they're always ignroed by the legions of people who use "1337" common Internet lingo that is supposed to boosts' one's low self esteem, and are marked by people who are sucks ups and whose dreams it is to become a fucking moderator in life.

Okay, and while usually it runs fairly smoothly like this, whenever one posts a topic, you usually get sucky responses. Normally, when people don't know the answers to quetions one asks, they just say "Oh, look, you spelled going wrong, hahahah," or "nice grammar, dude." Hah, faggots, stupid fucking asshole fucking bitches.

Next up is the peopel who are pervs: normally, when someone posts something, some sick joke about boobs, vaginas, penises, etc. will come into play by nerds, and sometimes they arne't even funy. The nerds and losers use 1337, and it is apparently to boost teir "cool points." Worst of all, they always are goody-goodies who don't break the ToS and are always posting things like "lol *steals ur cookie on your b-day THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO NOW! MUAHAHAHAH! *slaps u hahahah I win* They're such retards, and I wonder if they do hat in real life. Oh wait, these same people are depressed and go to the Internet to bolst up their courage.

Now, there are no such things as opinions on Satan's Asshole, err, GayFAGs. I don't get why people argue and insult each other on something as trivial as a fuckin game. Especially Nintendo fanboys, who don't let anyone say anything about their precious Metroid being boring or their Mario sucking, because they will say you can go shove your head up your ass if they think you're insultign Nintendo's "wisdom" of thousands of ports. People will patrol the site until you say that Zelda is the best series. They will also play a game day to night and think about every little thing, let me just give you a small shout-out to SamFisherDS.

And, boy, the moderators, the people who supposedly "help the site" but not only destroy it, but destory their lives in the process. Now, they will always moderate you for everything like being very funny and they love ruining funny jokes. You will get modded for just voicing your opinion, or saying something besides little immature pretend parties and whatnot, or being very funny, or if they are losing an embarrassing argument. Social stuff is a no no, and even topics related to the game are apparently off-topic. Andd they think they're clever and are God. Eat my ass, you fucking sluts, you moderate One time I was making an ass ot of myself on the Message Board Help, apologized, but I got banned even though I was not joking. You can supposedly constest this, but the moderators will never change their minds. Flawed system. On top of it, people who want to beomce a mod in life mark everything they see, even if it's good.

And the karma system is so suckie. Anyone who doesn't have over 1000 karma is thought of as someone who has a bad opinion, and knows nothing. Baiscally,you get it for logging in once a day, so someone with 900 karma is instantly more fun to be with than a genius of 20 karma.

So, there's nothign good at all about GayFAGs. Everything has some sort of loophole and makes the site feel exploited. The most improtant part is the community, but most are dumbasses who are seeking depression cure. The end. Never ever go there. EVER. Unless you want people who will badly influence you and make you obsessed with games and GameFAQs.
An average day on the GameFAQs Message Boards:

Poster 1: Wow, os how did my birthday come so fast?
Poster 2: Err, you spelled so wrong.
Poster 3: Because you touch yourself at night.
Poster 4: *gives you cookies and throws party*
Poster 5: *steals cookies*
Poster 6: whhhaaaat who cares, you're a newbie.
Poster 7: You should get a Nintendo system ONLY.
Poster 8: \/\/0\/\/ Y0U 4R3 s0000 1337
Poster 9: Happy birthday!
Poster 10: Can't we get something better around these boards than someone's fuckin birthday?

*poster 10 is then modded because he was voicing his opinion*
by Measles March 23, 2007
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It's that place where Sailor Bacon Axed me twice for submitting a fake review.
"GameFAQs is like fish. Except it's not a water thing."

"I bet I could eat an apple better than GameFAQs could."
by Cait Sith Fortune March 24, 2005
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Where I've been modded more times than I can count.... still a fun place to be though. Also a place where some boards are overrun with trolls that can't spell.
User 1: Hey, I have a question. If you put really hot butter in a chick's clit, will it burn her?

User 2: No shit. What in the fuck are YOU smoking?

User 3: Yes.

User 4: OMFG teh LOLZ yu n00b wtfwtfwtf dpsht mothrfcker yu sck bitch

User 1: Thanks!

User 2: Dumbass....

Mod: *moderates Users 2 and 4*

User 2: What the fuck? Dipshit! In Soviet Russ-*gets shot*
by Seefu Sefirosu July 23, 2005
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