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The new GameBoy that is SUPPER TUPER TINY TEENY WEENY! It was revealed at E3 2005. It has the brightest screen ever, rumored to turn blind men into seeing human citizens. A price is not yet set, but it'll be released some day.
And with that, Reggie stuck his mighty hand ito his stylish suit and pulled out from its sexy depths, a GameBoy Micro!
by Hampikizzel Fo' Shizzel May 28, 2005

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a really tiny version of the gameboy advance, Thus another way for nintendo to make money by releasing somthing that can do the same as the gameboy advance and gameboy SP. But people will still go out and buy it anyway.
jim: cool the gameboy micro! i gotta get it even tho i do own both Gameboy advance and Gamboy advance SP...
by Aiden Lee November 06, 2005