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1st person-um guys...
1st person-i just lost the game...
group-fuck you!
by poopendowski October 03, 2009
4 3
Slang used to decribe something that causes you joy.
OK Go is so game.
What do you mean you're leaving? You're so less-than game, yo.
Tony told me he thinks your mom is so game.
by Julianna the OK Go fan February 16, 2009
2 1
Something you just lost.
Lost the game, you did.
by i love rock and roll. August 16, 2010
2 2
You Just Lost
Zack: game
Jake: dammit! i just lost.
by PabloHernandez May 28, 2010
1 1
A good cigar for rolling blunts. Has a leaf around the inner wrap witch adds the flavor. Flavors come in vanilla,green leaf, peach, berry,white grape, honey.
"Yo i got that bud lets roll a game"
by kusher December 19, 2009
2 2
Prostitution. Used in the phrase "on the game" to denote that the person is engaged in prostitution.
Mary couldn't pay her rent, she had to go on the game.
by Salvadore Allende January 22, 2004
6 6
The competition that a guy faces if you go to try to get a girl for a date or for sex. The game tends to be totally awesome if you are a confident guy since you are on top of the world and can pick up many chicks to fuck. If you are an average frusterated chump AFC on the other hand, practicing the game will lower your self confidence to the point of suicidal depression.
Wow. After trying the game for 6 months I have gotten nowhere except to become a depressed fucking retarded faggot. I think I'll go hang myself off a bridge or do a Budd Dwyer act in front of everyone at a club/bar scene with a bunch of asshole men and stuck up women just for lulz.
by anonymous6812 October 26, 2008
8 9