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Boy who like to take naked photos of him and show them off on the internet,
El mono galante toma fotografias pornograficas y las enseñena en el internet
by r619 June 04, 2003
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Little belgian boy that's been owned by MiniMizers.
gallantmonkey come here and give me some luv ^_^
by gallantmonkey June 03, 2003
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An ovoid personal hygeine product sold only in the southern galapagos islands.
My orifices felt so clean yet freshly slimy as a caressed myself with gallantmonky.
by hyduk June 06, 2003
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A newer term for "Amateur Porno Star". Usually goes with "small penis" and "partial balls". Very highly common in Europe.
gallantmonkey, me luv you long time.
by I R GOD. June 04, 2003
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