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A sexual act performed on a female during intercourse. Requiring two fingers flicking vigiorously across the clitoral area in the exact rapid fire motion used in the 80's Arcade favourite Galaga.

Note. Simultaneous penetration is required.
Fluffy. "No man can make me cum."
Adam.(raising two fingers) "I play Galaga."
Fluffy. (presenting) "Game on!"
Adam. "Fluffy"
Fluffy. "Oh Adam I can"t feel my legs, that rapid fire." "Tilt"
by Stradic January 28, 2013
An arcade game that was released in 1981
Damn. You must be somkin' crack if you think you played galaga in the seventies!
by AnalCunt January 18, 2005
A drinking game where you pour beer into a sauce pan until its filled to the top. You have to chug as much of it as you can while everyone else chants GAL-A-GA the whole time the person is chugging, slowly increasing the intensity of the chant.When you can't chug anymore you pass it to the person next to you. The person who finishes the sauce pan wins.
Bro i got so smashed last night playing galaga.
by ihavenonameokkkk February 16, 2009
A beer game that involves a saucepan that is approximately 6 inches in diameter and 10 inches deep. It should fit about 4-5 beer cans. The game starts with a saucepan, which is filled to the rim and passed around the table as everyone chants Galaga while one person chugs as much as they can. The person who finishes the beer in the saucepan wins the game.

Justin lost 22 dollars by betting Chris that he would not finish Galaga in the third term.
by Sir Dwightenher Jr February 16, 2009
to do something extremely cool
wow running away from those cops was so galaga
by Craig Kat July 10, 2008
Best scrolling shooter ever made. Created in the late 70s.
Galaga took several dollars from me
by Roman January 18, 2004
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