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really great friends!!1 gals who are pals who watch great films (eg clueless, sex and the city etc), drink wine'n'coke (or virgin versions! mmm ribena!!!!!111) n talk about how rubbz boys r.
HC, CC, Y-dawg and Sarah are such great gal palz!
#gal #pal #friends #thomas #cool #cats #kittens #nice things
by gal palz April 09, 2010
Group of loser girls who don't even like each other pretending to be friends because they're jealour of b-squad's true lad power.
Bill: Those gal palz are so lame
Milton: I know, they all hate each other anyway!
#lame #squid #loser #wee pals (not) #big yins
by Colossal Squid November 01, 2010
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