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the biggest drama-filled school ever where the guys are cocky or players and half the girls have slept with every guy . a place where drugs get sold every day in the middle of the fucking hall . where the teachers are scared of the students . where everyone leaves in the middle of the day and goes to taco bell till the buses come . where fights happen non-stop for stupid shit . where its so crowded you cant even get through the halls . where theres only like 6 ghetto WHITE GIRLS in the whole school and everyone knows them . where everyone skips lunch and just walks around or skips 4 , 5 , and 6 period and gets 3 lunches . where football is like the biggest thing (GO COWBOYS) . the only school with a blue crew that kicks ass . basically the kids run the place so its the best school ever !!!!
gaither high school is the shit !!!
by aquabubble November 09, 2007
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