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1.Derived from the word Gay

2.a soft fellow hailing from new England but roots prodominitly for New York teams, most importantly the Yankees.

3. Born with 3 testicles
That guy is such a Gaine, he lives in Boston and roots for the Yankees.
by Johan Martin October 15, 2007
a very very very very sexy beast
You are so gaine.
Gaine is gaine.
by AJ1 January 31, 2006
-v To develop secondary personality for the sake of furthering an agenda.

Etymology: When Garth Brooks took on the persona of Chris Gaines.
Dude, quit gainesing!!! (when your friend tries to pick up a girl and uses a different personality).
by Iceenuhtz January 11, 2012
Awkward in everyday tasks especially while moving; Uncoordinated, both in physical and mental activities. The subject may perhaps be lacking a cerebellum.

One who drives the wrong way down one way streets. This statement also doubles as a metaphor for their life.

One who looks like The Dude (Jeff Bridges) and speaks like Neo/The One (Keanu Reeves).

An all together sobering person.
Wow John you would think walking down stairs would be an easy task for a twenty-three year old, but you just gainesed it.

John you were pulled over because you just gainesed your way down that one way street.
by Shaun Parker January 31, 2008