a very very very very sexy beast
You are so gaine.
Gaine is gaine.
by AJ1 January 31, 2006
Top Definition

1.Derived from the word Gay

2.a soft fellow hailing from new England but roots prodominitly for New York teams, most importantly the Yankees.

3. Born with 3 testicles
That guy is such a Gaine, he lives in Boston and roots for the Yankees.
by Johan Martin October 15, 2007
-v To develop secondary personality for the sake of furthering an agenda.

Etymology: When Garth Brooks took on the persona of Chris Gaines.
Dude, quit gainesing!!! (when your friend tries to pick up a girl and uses a different personality).
by Iceenuhtz January 11, 2012
Awkward in everyday tasks especially while moving; Uncoordinated, both in physical and mental activities. The subject may perhaps be lacking a cerebellum.

One who drives the wrong way down one way streets. This statement also doubles as a metaphor for their life.

One who looks like The Dude (Jeff Bridges) and speaks like Neo/The One (Keanu Reeves).

An all together sobering person.
Wow John you would think walking down stairs would be an easy task for a twenty-three year old, but you just gainesed it.

John you were pulled over because you just gainesed your way down that one way street.
by Shaun Parker January 31, 2008
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