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Arabic word for bitch, slut
same as sharmoota
stop talking to me ya gahbah
by me January 24, 2005
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feeling tired, fat, hungry, lazy, obese, full, sleepy, over weight, and/or unable to move. The more you are, the better. gah bah is the ultimate extreme of being fat and unable to move. If gah bah, one has the tendancy to sleep or just sit in a chair or couch and lay back and watch tv. When gah bah, one may say "gah", "bah", or "gah bah" in an exaggerated manor. The victim may druel and make incoherent noises. Food may be present on this individuals mouths, hands, and resting on his stomach.
person 1: Hey man what's wrong?
person 2: I am so gah bah omg. ... "bah!"
by weethead April 20, 2009
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