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Beautiful woman that a man can have. Loves to get hugs from the back. Talented, sometimes insecure. Humain that needs to know if she is actually being loved. Does everything to make people in her entourage happy. Beautiful smile. Always knows how to deal with peoples problems but not her owns. Scared to loose the one she loves. Has an amazing singing voice. Thinks she fly! Sometimes has realistic dreams. Amazing listener but often forget things.
1. Have you seen that Gaella!?
2. She looks like an Gaella
3. Maybe she's a good Gaella!
4. Stop being such a Gaella

Girl 1: OMG! look at that girl
Girl 2: OMG yeah she looks like an Gaella
Girl 3: she's sooo fetch

look at that Gaella being a scrub
by lolG December 09, 2013