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(n.) From Latin, gaduncum (rubbish) + duncanus (suitcase). Rubbish in the receptacle. Colloq.: Junk in the proverbial trunk.
Gentleman #1: Dayam. She got it going on.
Gentleman #2: Word up. That's some gadunkadunk.
Gentleman #1: Fo' shizzle my nizzle.
by gadizzle October 23, 2004
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A big, round, bootylicious ass.
Missy Elliott - Work It
"Think you can handle this ga-dunk-a-dunk dunk"
by KeeWee January 12, 2005
A booty that is excessively large,...but in a good way.
J-lo has got gadunkadunk
by Praying Mantis November 23, 2003
Ass that requires custom fitting (ie. the special fitting store bought jeans)
What I wouldn't do to pull up to that Ga-Dunka-Dunk and smack that monkey.
by Ga-Dunka-Dunk October 25, 2003
a female friend's fat black ass
Yo I wanna hop on that gadunkadunk
by Anonymous July 09, 2003
a big fat ass
a big black ho and her ga-dunk-a-dunk ass
by joe da flava May 14, 2003
another werd for "a dub"
My gadunka dunk hurts ;)
by Stefan Moore August 22, 2003

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