spanish slang
is the opposite of "chido", which means cool.
so "gacho" would mean 'not cool' or 'stupid'
but not so much the word "stupid" but think of it as the opposite of cool..whatever word that may be
que gacho, el chico que cree que es chido.
by Bianca Lewis October 30, 2005
Top Definition
when something is,,or has happened to you or somebody, thatz fucked up.
say holmez,that vato just hustled you good,,que gacho!
by J0K3R July 26, 2005
A colloquialism of South Texas Spanglish which is indicative of an extremely unfortunate situation

Sometimes delivered as "gacho bad"
Person A: Man, I missed my exam and my teacher's giving me a zero and no chance to make it up...
Person B: Gacho!
by K. P. O. November 16, 2007
Going to "work" on someone
"oh she looks good tonight... i'm gonna Gacho her later!"
by killerbee June 20, 2007
1.Means somethings really cool or awesome like.
2.A type of mexican beans that taste good
1.Man did you ever play Halo.....that game is so gacho
2.Dude!That guys new truck is freakin' gacho
3.Oh crap, those gacho beans gave me an upset stomach from h3LL.
by I know your keyboard June 06, 2005
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