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A sexy red head female who has an awesome personality. She can pretty much get any guy she wants. She has a beautiful smile that just makes you feel like everything will be okay. Her eyes are the perfect shade of green. A "Gabbrielle" will love you unconditionally... Unless you give her a reason not to. She usually loves one person, and that's it. So if it's you, you're a lucky man. She can pull off long or short hair. GREAT in bed. "Red in the head, good in the bed." She is also known to quote the movie "Anchorman" and "Anchorman 2" a lot. She loves lamp. Usually goes by the nickname "Gabby".
Guy 1- "Damn, see that sexy girl over there??"

Guy 2- "Yeah man. Red hair.. Green eyes.. That's definitely a Gabbrielle

Guy 1- "I bet she's a monster in the sack."
by Maysun February 12, 2014

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