Hard, fast and unmercyles music. Generally gives you the impression that the writter shouldn't be allowed near playgrounds...
If you love cranking up your bpm, you will
Hellfish - Destined For Destruction
kid 606
by Luke j August 29, 2005

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Gabber is the North American variety of the same genre of music. Has a fast, thick beat. Scary synths, angry lyrics, and is great music for releasing pent-up frustration. Sometimes confused with rotterdam.
Omar Santana's Bonebastic can be considered Gabber.
by Kade March 18, 2005
Racist bastard who wears Lonsdale clothing, has a wicked hairstyle / shaven head and bad musical flavour. Originated in Rotterdam, Holland, and was most popular during the ninetys. 'Gabber' is an old dutch word for 'mate'. Gabbers go to nightclubs, pop pills and listen to hardcore techno with angry/evil lyrics. These days Gabbers are known as Lonsdale kids. Associated with the techno band Thunderdome who are group that oranises raves and pouts out CD's and the gabber clothing.
Look at that group of Gabbers. What arseholes.
by The Bodom Beach pervert April 17, 2006
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