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n. the beautiful one that got away.
Every time I go out with another girl, I miss g9.
by loserinlove23 February 05, 2010
when a fat person and a skinny person 69
friend1: hey did you do your english paper
friend2: no i spent all night G9ing
by doeboybynature May 09, 2011
g9 is the latest in sexual exploits. It is only for the sexually deviant who love to freak. Typically taking place on the dance floor, g9 is performed when the giver (it can be male/female/dildo...) gets it in the ass of the receiver (female/male/blow up doll...) while grinding them from behind. Doing this position while listening to dub-step intensifies the experience.
Oh shit son, imma g9 all up on Sawan tonight, shits gonna go down/up/in/out/all over, and ya'll can watch.
by Skyrina November 10, 2011
A state in which drunken individuals become so paraletic that it i almost histerical. This is a fatal state.
Ross was G-9'd and woke up to Crispy gettin a blow job!!
by Stevie Wonder December 16, 2004
To want Sprouse, or having sex with sprouse, or gay.
Mrs. (or) Mr. Pember*** was feeling g9 when she ate his cock.
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