Someone who thinks putting numbers into words, or adding "orz" onto the end of words is cool. The Language is generally refered to as "Geek Speak" or "g33k sp33k"
any internet nerd who uses geek speak - "1 4m W4y m0r3 1337 7h4n yuo! I rox0rz 4nd you suxorz" or "Fux0rz 1 got shorz0r3d 1n teh nu7z0rz"
by Gee k April 23, 2003
Top Definition
The worst rank of geek. A geek that thinks they're cool because they're '1337'. However, most g33ks seem not to be aware that ones level of 1337|\|355 is inversely proporsional to ones chances of getting a girlfriend.
Andrew Baxter
by Brendan September 13, 2003
One who adds the word "sauce" into descriptions of random things.
geeks are weaketh sauce
by Oneironaut October 10, 2004
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