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An acronym come up with by me meaing "Got to Pee". Similar to "g2g" or "got to go", letting people know you're leaving any why.

Often misunderstood as an error for "g2g" or meaning "got to poop", so sometimes it is necessary to clarify what it means.

Often followed by tfs
Camron: brb, g2p!
Ryan: tfs
by Goddess M May 25, 2008

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Got to pee.
Used on the internet in chat rooms and online games as a signal that one must leave NOW and will return soon.

see also: g2g brb, and afk.
"brb dude, g2p!"
"g2p, brb"
and also
"afk, g2p!"
by Leav December 30, 2003