Great or grand + rad= grad!
How are you? Totally grad.
by Panutski February 10, 2010
Top Definition
A modernization of the archaic term k-rad used in early hacker circles, meaning 1,000,000,000 times rad just like gigabyte or gbyte refers to approximately 1,000,000,000 bytes.
Sam's new laptop is g-rad.
by Scoob_e & Friends June 13, 2008
Short for graduates
X Collage 2000 grads club has opened.
by Cin Ruhi September 30, 2011
Short For Graduate.
A student who was just finished university and has entered the working world with their irrelivant degrees such as Media Studies or Aroma Therapy. Grads appear to have good book smarts, but lack common sense and social skills. Grads are usually rather unbalanaced and are prone to falling and stumbling over there own feet. Grads are usually found at the student bar getting pissed or attempting to boil eggs in a kettle at there student flat.
Grads usually have Double-Barrel names which just sound stupid and made up.
E.g. Timothy Dooflap-Heaton
'I carn't believe these Grads are so stupid at times.'

Jim: 'Has that Grad got pizza on his face?'
Jethro: 'Yeah. He most likely fell asleep with his head in a pizza box last night.'
by Jono:; August 02, 2009
someone who cheats in online gaming
ffs - i just got pwned by a right grad with an aimbot :<
by bob April 26, 2004
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