Aussie slang for "G-string" or "thong".
Someone would see a woman wearing a G-string and whistle and say to his mates "Hey guys, check that chick out, she's wearing a G-banger".
by bread infection November 07, 2005
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Under wear site high up the arse. also called G-String. Attractive on Females. not so much on males.
Look at that Bitch's G-Banger man. Ridin High.
by Jb July 04, 2003
A thong line evidently in sight through a girl's trousers
get your g banger out
by boozy March 10, 2006
a small peice of material held between the buttocks. commonly used to avoid the VPL (visible panty line)
A certain tennis player likes to "tweek his g-banger" on the court.
by Sparkle inspired by Mark G. February 01, 2009
Australian slang for G-String bikinis worn by hot beach babes.
A bloke gasps to his mate:
Check out the G-Banger on that hot blonde bending over in front of me!
by Bloke Mate February 02, 2012
a thong also known as a 'g' string worn by women, visible to us guys who love to sneak in a quick peek at every opportunity.
'Look at her gbanger its deluxe' yelled the horny old sailor as he saw a young lady bend over to pick her purse up off the ground.
by CutUpRough February 16, 2010
Someone to penetrate the g spot found both in men and women. Usually done by a sexamaniac.
by Todd August 27, 2003

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