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A sport for G's ... played by bouncing and catching the ball against a wall to score points. Is a full contact tackling sport.
"Let's go play some G Ball!"

"A kid was killed because he got tackled playing G ball!"
by GBallAustralia May 01, 2009
A marijuana smoking apparatus that has serious and sudden "high feeling" effects and sometimes hallucination. Used by inhaling deeply with a twisting, turning motion on the device.
I thought Jon was going to pass out from hitting that G Ball so many times last night. Good thing Ryan accidentally dropped it or Jon might be dead.
by Fratttttt July 02, 2014
G stands for great as in "great balls of fire". Very cool or shock
"Oh G-Balls"! or man that game was so G-Balls
by Fidy C. February 19, 2008
The biggest dickhead you know
He'll go 'alright that's really cool' at one of your jokes ...
by Wedergren July 24, 2003
The new word for Niggers. ignorant blacks.
Hey, That G-Balls being a total idiot!
Yeah i know.
by kaz122222222 September 29, 2009
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