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One of the most intelligent beings on the planet. Able to foretell a raid wipe often minutes before one happens. Enabled him to survive unscathed thru many failed fights against evil dragons and firey elemental monsters.
Holy #$%& the raid didn't wipe, Gorte made it out. He'll be back with help real soon.
by JDuff November 30, 2006
A Norwegian slang word for "farting".
Jeg må gørte. (I have to fart.)
by Hofz November 13, 2011
In the beautiful country of Norway, there is a rather redneck place called Drøbak. And in Drøbak there exist a word, "Gørte", wich is a local term for the more known norwegian word Guttefitte. Guttefitte means (roughly translated): Boypussy. And the boypussy is a handy part of the body wich can be used to get things like rim-job, rusty trombone and other cool, cool stuff!
I felt so bad for my girlfriend that I shaved my balls AND my gørte!
by Christer Falk July 18, 2006