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Something people say in the Ottawa Valley whether they're drunk, sober, or copulating with an attractive cousin or sheep.
Delmer McDelmer: G'day g'day and how ya t'day!
Sheep: Baaaaaa!!!!
by smacktard April 27, 2003
something said to your chums when you haven't seen them in a bit, usually with a beer in your hand and a few in your belly

also something you say to someone you meet on the street that you recognize but don't know very well. A type of "nod" and courtesy to say hello.
Hey there lad, g'day g'day and how are ya t'day?
by koso October 15, 2005
a saying used to greet friends, usually when drunk
Tom: "g'day g'day and how are ya t'day?"

Bill: "good, and yerself?"
by Bruce April 10, 2003