a once ghetto, dump ass car that some dumbass ghetto moon cricket put too much money into to try to make look fresh and to make himself and look like he is cool (but he's not)
1. Dat fukin moon cricket blew all his bread to put 3 30 watt subs in his G Ride. When he turned them on, his G Ride broke into pieces

2. "wuddup dawg"
"nuttin, just fixin up my g ride"
"nigga you should sell dat shit, yo grand mama had it for 42 years and never changed the oil"
"aint you know im tryin to have a p.o.s. that looks good"
"nigga, aint you know you spendin 30 grand just to have that piece of shit break tomorrow"
"nigga fuk u!!!" (pulls out a gun)(squezes trigger) "cap!" "cap!"
#moon cricket #p.o.s. #dumbass #shitty shitty bang bang #cass corridor
by SaltineCrakur March 17, 2006
Top Definition
A Stolen Car that can be used for Joy Riding, Parting out, Hit an Runs an Robberys, ect.
"ey whos Honda Accord?, it's a G ride"

"where am I gonna get a new door for my car?, oh Tony's got this G-ride we can take it out of"
by Reach August 23, 2005
1. A term to describe a particularly stylish automobile.

2. An automobile that can typically be distinguished from mainstream automobiles by being equipped with at least 23" wheels (see "MJs") and a hydraulic suspension where each corner of the vehicle can be raised or lowered independent of one another. OR, the entire vehicle can be made to bounce.
I pulled along side in the G ride. I got front and back and side to side.

Damn, those MJs are phat, Leroy's new car is a G ride.
by Elvis August 25, 2004
stolen car that you drive around like it's yours until you sell it or get caught.
do you wanna buy this car?, I will sell it to you for cheap, I swear it is not a g-ride.
by weldergirl August 05, 2005
Its what you call a car that you stolen and ride around in. Stolen car
"look at hector dippin in da G ride "
by bob bobson August 23, 2005
Stolen vehicle
Im on parole man im not rollin that "hot model"
by Phuckdis June 28, 2003
A stolen car
I got busted in a G-ride.
#gta #joy riding #stolen car #cruisen #jack
by Tangie1503 March 02, 2009
Gangster-speak for a stolen hoop-dee; a stolen car. The "G" comes from "GTA", police acronym for "Grand Theft Auto". A "cold" G-Ride is an unreported stolen car. Widely mistaken by lame White Folk to mean an urban gangster's car, stolen or not. In an ironic twist, same term has been used for decades by Fed law enforcement Agents to describe the police-type cars they drive, plain or marked! (see next entry)
"Yo, MoFo, how we gonna git to da mall ta jack some 20's?"
"Chill, Niggah, I gots us a cold G-Ride!"
#stolen car #hot car #gta #unreported stolen car #gangster-mobile #pimp-mobile #unmarked police car #marked police car
by pIMP dADDY g June 11, 2006
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