Fyke (adj)
1.To explore the limits of one's endurance through excessive lifestyle.
2.An act of extreme loonacy

To be Fyked
1.Extremely drunk / tired
2.Extremely shagged by someone
3.to be ripped off badly i.e. fyked over
"this weekend is going to be a complete fyke..."
"That bloke is fyked - look at him, he can't even stand!"
"Look at that idiot up the lamp post - what fyke"
"They nicked my wallet, I've been fyked over"
by thebigG September 20, 2006
Top Definition
When a girl acts like she's lesbian with her friends in a joking way but she's really not lesbian. Also, when a girl makes out with another girl strictly to turn guys on.
Mike: Did you see amanda and gretchen make out?

Dick: Yeahh it was hott, do you think they're lesbian together?

Mike: Nahh, I just think they're fykes.
by deffinitelyclutch. August 15, 2009
Not really sure. A Fucking kYKE, a Faggot spYKE. Who knows. All I know is that I hate you.
I wanna fuck Rikku.

by Negger November 28, 2003
Short for fake dyke; usually a female (possibly drunk) who makes out with another girl for a mans viewing pleasure.
Those fykes are at it again!
by Kwearbaker October 01, 2006
synonym word meaning (FUCK)in bro talk
yall wanna ball with us?

Fyke that
by scoobs September 10, 2007
Used in select areas meaning more or less the same thing as "hyphy" or "krunk".
We got fyke in da club last night.

Get fyke!
by Sam Monsen April 17, 2006
When two butch dykes decide to mix it up outside a biker bar. WWII was actually started because Hans stuck his finger in a dyke. The story was cleaned up for future generations.
"Hey Johnny, check it out, Pat And Dot are headin outside, this ought to be a hell of a fyke!"
by BIG TMW May 08, 2008
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