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Fwub (PH·wuh·B)- To love deeply, immensely, passionately.

Ex: Fwub, Fwubber, Fwubbing, Fwubbed, Fwubbly, Fwubby, Fwubalicious.
1. I fwub you.

2. You're fwubalicious!

3. Are you in fwub?

4. You're totally fwubbing on her.

5. My puppy is totally fwubbly.

6. I want a fwubber because my girlfriend is not satisfing me.
by TheChickYouWishYouKnew May 20, 2008

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when the penis does not get a full erection
you can not perform sexual act because you have a fwub
by debbie July 13, 2003