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aka WRONG WHEEL are supposed to be either RWD or AWD...not this car FWD configuration that causes uneven weight distribution and torque steer!
My car looks so weird when I do burnouts because the front tires spin instead. Fuck I hate fwd!
by fdghsghrtghrt November 03, 2006
New sedans like Toyota and Honda are usually build with FWD.
by mmx February 01, 2004
Internet Shortcut; forward
I put all of the email addresses in the FWD slot.
by Francis November 25, 2002
Fresh Water Dump

The action where you take a shit (dump) in a freshwater lake or river. It is popular with many people since it has been said to clean your asshole inside and out before AND after the large shit has evacuated the rectum. It also seems to feel good too.
Guy #1: Dude, I just took a FWD in Lake Michigan this morning.. now I don't have to shower today.

Guy #2: Man that's disgusting. I'm never swimming in that lake again

Guy #1: It's ok dude it'll just dissipate in a few hours.
by HOT Dark Chocolate July 29, 2009
fucking Wisconsin d-bags.
you guys are stupid FIBs(fucking illinois bastards/bitches)" "NO YOU GUYS ARE STUPID FWDs!
by The coolest person alive x1213 August 19, 2010
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