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2 definitions by fdghsghrtghrt

aka WRONG WHEEL DRIVE...cars are supposed to be either RWD or AWD...not this car FWD configuration that causes uneven weight distribution and torque steer!
My car looks so weird when I do burnouts because the front tires spin instead. Fuck I hate fwd!
by fdghsghrtghrt November 03, 2006
the proper configuration for REAL cars. it's the way cars were supposed to be...but nooooooo some dickhead had to say "hey let's make our cars FWD"...then this whole FWD bandwagon shit started. RWD pwns FWD and you know it. If you don't you obviously drive a wrong wheel drive car.
Fuck FWD! RWD for the win!
by fdghsghrtghrt November 03, 2006