A sort of euphemism for the term "furry." A furry is a member of the furry fandom, that is, someone who enjoys and/or connects with anthropomorphic animals and likes anthro art, fiction, etc. (Some furries dress in fursuits, which are like mascot costumes.)

Some members of the fandom prefer the term "fuzzies" because of bad press painting furries as sexual deviants. (Though there is a small though verbal minority in the fandom who are fetishists and/or sex deviants, the vast, vast majority are like members of any other fandom, such as Star Wars fans, Trekkies, and RPGers.) "Fuzzies" don't want to be associated with the bad press, and is sometimes used by professional costume performers in place of the term, "furry."
Amusement Park Guy: So you want to be in our costumes department. On question: are you a furry?
Furry: What do you mean by that, sir?
APG: Well, if you are, we can't have that. If word got out we were hiring furries, we'd lose all child sales!
Furry: Um... No, sir, I'm a fuzzy.
APG: What? o.o
by Thunder Freedom March 07, 2011
Top Definition

Being so in love it's beyond euphoria that could be described as hopeless romance, comparable to having butterflies.
"You make me feel so fuzzy!"
"Oh god, man. Don't tell me you're already fuzzy for her!"
by Dustin Rambo April 18, 2006
Something soft and furry. Ya know, that literal kind of fuzzy.
The hair on my cat's ass is fuzzy.

or, if you don't want to be so explicit, just take off ass.

The hair on my cat is fuzzy.
by T.Thwig July 16, 2005
NOUN. hFeeling of happiness gained by love; the butterfly feeling.
The poem she wrote about me gave my the fuzzies.
by GunnZmith November 10, 2003
Fuzzy is the feeling after a night of drinking the next morning. It can best be described as knowing you're not hung over, but still not feeling quite 100%.

Extra long showers usually help somewhat, but nothing but time will cure your uneasiness.

If you think of a "buzz" as a pre-drunk state, being fuzzy is the post-drunk state. The outlying cause is the alcohol still being worked out of your system long after you've awaken, one molecule at a time.
*in class the next morning*

kid1: "Dude I'm mad fuzzy."

kid2: "Me too."
by Derik September 20, 2005
US Army private E-1.
Fuzzy, point that muzzle up and down range.
by SGT. K September 23, 2007
Fuzzy is an adjective used to describe a plethora of different objects, things, and most commonly…people. To be called "fuzzy" implies that one is either cute, wearing a particularly soft, cozy garment, or that one resembles a young rabbit, with soft, plush fur, sitting peacefully in a field. Fuzzy is not a gender biased adjective, and is especially useful when describing boys in sweatshirts. However, this term must be used to precaution and care, and should not be abused and used towards those not worthy of fuzziness.
"My goodness, you look incredibly fuzzy in that fleecey hooded sweatshirt, droobie"
by Loo and Roo April 16, 2005
The feeling of euphoria that you get from certain pills IE Xanax, Percocet, Oxycodone, etc etc.
Man ive had the fuzzys for hours after i took that Xanax. Think im going to drop another fuzzy.
by blazenandez January 12, 2011
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