U.S. Army recruit (E-1) that has no rank insignia.
They are called Fuzzies because of the fuzzy velcro patch on their shoulders.
"Yo, Ramirez do you see these new recruits?"
" Yeah, Here come the Fuzzies."
by LoobedUpPirate April 07, 2014
Internet porn that's not from a major producer, such as Brazzers, Bang Bros, etc. Termed as such for the fuzzy quality of picture, as opposed to the hi-def video quality of a site such as Brazzers. Usually found on sites like Youporn
Yo man, my Brazzers account expired, I'm back to watching the fuzzies
by theblacksanta October 19, 2011
Person/s woman,man,girl,boy with a pretty cool personality and has the best afro. Sometimes the afro is difficult and needs tamming and is pretty aswome, though if a Fuzzy goes to a private school its stuffed, because nothing can tame the fro (unless its straightened).
by fuzzaraama July 15, 2011
A sort of euphemism for the term "furry." A furry is a member of the furry fandom, that is, someone who enjoys and/or connects with anthropomorphic animals and likes anthro art, fiction, etc. (Some furries dress in fursuits, which are like mascot costumes.)

Some members of the fandom prefer the term "fuzzies" because of bad press painting furries as sexual deviants. (Though there is a small though verbal minority in the fandom who are fetishists and/or sex deviants, the vast, vast majority are like members of any other fandom, such as Star Wars fans, Trekkies, and RPGers.) "Fuzzies" don't want to be associated with the bad press, and is sometimes used by professional costume performers in place of the term, "furry."
The costume workers at Six Flags aren't furries or fursuiters. They're fuzzies. "Furries" suggests... bad... stuff... It wouldn't be good for publicity.
by Thunder Freedom March 07, 2011
Prison, jail, cells etc.
Feel like I've spent a night in the fuzzy
by KoaLau September 15, 2010
A police officer, someone that works in law enforcement.
#1: It's July fourth weekend, the cops are about to be out like crazy.

#2: oh shit, look at all those fuzzys. I hope we dont get pulled over.
by lafreddd. August 29, 2010

A person who is not a furry, nor a regular person, but somewhere in between. Usually means they have the animal ears and tail but no fur.
"I don't think my character's really a furry. They're more of a fuzzy."
by Mide Ark Rium April 10, 2009

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