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Also known as "the man in the corner office". Often refering to the highest ranking exec. or decision maker.
Let me go ask ol' fuzzy nuts if we can get off of work early.
by Nalga November 30, 2004
Someone who does something stupid or lame. Alsoo another way to say someone is gay.
1. Two men riding in the car listening to "Oops I Did It Again" <- those are fuzzynuts.

2. Lawerence: OooO look at the dudes butt...
Morris: You're a fuzzynut

3. Lawerence: Man, I was watching the porno and I WISH i could have a d**k like that guy!!!
Morris: Maaannnn.... I'm not saying you GAY, but that SOUNDS gay.... You a fuzzynut or something??
by Remedy 3.0 October 02, 2010
A guy who lurks around Canada looking for things to photograph
Hey Sofa, is that Fuzzy Nuts behind you, look he has a camera.
by Undy Bumgrope August 30, 2005
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