something that is utterly vain.
American culture is futile!
#nothingness #vanity #america #needless #worthless
by karenjacqueline January 17, 2014
Top Definition
Pointless and hopeless.
I ran as fast as I could, but it was futile. The bus was too far away and the driver turned and drove off.
#pointless #hopeless #impossible #all for naught #never gonna happen
by happycookie August 03, 2011
The categorisation use to define an individial (whether it be inanimate or not) whose existance possesses no purpose what so ever.
"Oh Luke, you are sooo futile!"
#an #crack #miss forrester #morman #empowerment
by sezza b October 19, 2006
Miley Cyrus and edward cullen
they are both useless and in the way doing things that needn't be done and being gay so they are futile
#miley #vampire #edward #useless #annoying
by Speakerofminds January 30, 2010
Someone who believes they're going to grow up to be a nurse, doctor, lawyer, rapper, singer, athlete, or any other high paying job, but they really grow up to be another typical fuckboy, thot, pornstar (get paid great but is a very disrespected job), work at a fast food joint, or any other low-paying job.
Girl: I'm gonna be a nurse when I grow up.
Boy: Yo gpa like 1.8.
Girl: so, what that mean?
Boy: Mean you futile as a bitch.
#broke #poor #unsuccessful #thot #fuckboy
by C. Ferb January 19, 2015
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