An alcoholic beverage which contains Evan Williams bourbon whiskey, 180 proof Everclear, and root beer with a dollop of ice cream on top. You must finish this drink before the ice cream melts or you will not get its full effect. This will fuck you up.
Dude, I got so fusterclucked this weekend!
Dude, did you see Nicole last weekend? She had two fusterclucks and was puking everywhere!
Xavier tried to drink a fustercluck in two minutes. He was in the hospital for two days.
by Thetwins February 15, 2012
Top Definition
An alteration of clusterfuck that can be uttered in public places such as the work place.
This place is a total fustercluck.
by monsieur dude August 07, 2008
Transpositive derivation of cluster fuck, commonly used if a small child, manager, Jehovah's Witness, or HR person is within earshot.
"So the job was a total cluster fu..." Thad stopped himself, eyeing his 3 year old daughter watching him intently, "...fuster cluck."
by Scary Mike June 10, 2004
A fucked-up clusterfuck. The worst possible situation or outcome, usually applicable to a group effort.

"We're way over budget, we're late, and the damn thing doesn't work. This project is a complete fustercluck!!!"
by whothehellevencares July 20, 2008
In Zelda: Ocarina of Time, when enough chickens are agitated enough to cause them to violently converge upon their aggressor.
I was in a hurry riding through Lon Lon Ranch to refill my milk when I accidently caused a fustercluck.
by RadicalLibrarian December 05, 2011
an annoying or bothersome person
stop being such a fustercluck
by jack_hammer December 07, 2015
an annoying or bothersome person
stop being such a fustercluck
by jack_hammer December 07, 2015
A group activity that results in pure stupidity.

A whole bunch of people hoping on the good foot and doing the bad thing
YOu guys are the biggest group of fusterclucks I have ever scene.

Now that we are all here lets fustercluck!
by William Nichols April 01, 2004
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