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1.looking like you are either fat or muscular, but which of those is not discernable. 2. having once been muscular, but having recently become more fat. 3. Being short, muscular, and fat.
The Guy from Coheed and Cambria, Vendetta, No-Hands-Jiu-Jitsu-Pisser, FusclIndian.
The Guy from Coheed and Cambria is fuscular.
by BruceT December 03, 2007
a muscular person who also might be fat.
a fuscular person's chest sticks out farther than their stomach. if the stomach sticks out farther than the chest, they're just fat.
"hey did you see that singer from Coheed and Cambria"

"hell yeah, that mother fucker sure is fuscular"
by Jackson May November 28, 2007

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