1. Commonly an acronym for "fucked up shit."

2. Used disparagingly at universities for the low quality of their hoagies. "Fucked up subs."
"I'm gonna roll to Kriner and get me an F.U.S. You in?"
by Van Buren March 16, 2005
Top Definition
N: Acronym for fucked up shit.
see also: f.u.s., V-FUS
Common at drinking parties. Can be good or bad.
Good fus: finding a full 5th of bacardi 151 under the couch, the party host setting his table on fire in a small contained corner with said bacari, a solid male/female ratio with minimal gay guys.

BAD fus: spilling beer/liquor onto someone (see party foul), people making out with other people's girlfriends, packing heat to a party, pulling knifes/guns on people, lighting things on fire that don't belong to you, high male/female ratio (see sausage fest), or a large ammount of gay guys.
by Anti January 29, 2005
F.U.S.S is an acronym for F-un U-nrestrained S-hameless S-ex. to have fun hardcore sex with someone that you will most likely never see again.
"hey babe wanna go back to my place and have F.U.S.S?"
by facegoogle July 14, 2011
Fuck Ur Set
wha set u claimin?
nigga, FUS fuck ur set
by cfmallday January 15, 2011
fucked up situation
"hey bro why were'nt you at the dance last night"
"idk dude my girfriend has me in a FUS"
by ilovelatinasbitch! September 07, 2009
A person who is passionate about what they do, has a certain "swag" about them, and is a class-A douchebag.
Stop being such a Fus and help me out!
by mr_e54 February 15, 2010
fucked up shit. used to describe a moment or event of any sort.
you are masturbating is your room. someone walks in. you do not have enough time to hide your stuff and pretend you were not. this is a F.U.S. moment

you and your lover were making out. a few school children walk by. you stop back up and pretend to be checking you cell phone. they walk by knowing exactly what was up. this is a F.U.S. moment.
by vanilaa January 19, 2010
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