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An Indian (or Middle Eastern) girl's private area.
Person 1: Hey Adam, I saw a hot Indian girl on the bus to Queens this morning.
Person 2: Really, Nelson. I bet you would have liked to have seen her furry curry!
#poon #ponanny #vagina #private parts #furry cup #down there
by Fernando Riuz September 24, 2007
A derogatory term for an Indian person (not a Native American), derived from the spice they use and inherently smell like.

Synonyms include bumpidy, Indian, and Brownie.
That furry curry at 7-11 wears a turban that smells like his elephant's excrement.
#indian #furry #curry #bumpidy #smash #cunt #smelly #turban
by Ryan Farley February 05, 2009
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