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(noun) a fake purpose designed to remove an undesirable individual from your presence; can be disguised as a favor, a request for an item, a directive, an errand, a request to verify information, etc.; old and effective device used in office politics
Pepe: Hey Dave, where's Mac?

Dave: (snickers) I gave him a furpose

Pepe: Oh, he's out at the hardware store getting duct tape again?

Dave: You got it, Pepe!

Pepe: Can I send him out for WD-40 next time?

Dave: Why suuuuuuuuuuuuure!
by choirgirl August 20, 2009
A fart that comes out intentionally and the perpetrator is well aware of his flatulance.
Two men standing in an elevator, "Dude, that was un called for, that was totally a furpose"
by thesearefusesnoriver February 08, 2011
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