Another word for heroin. The heroin is placed in a piece of aluminum foil. Thus the name furl.
I got 2 bags of that furl!
by Chi-Chi January 29, 2004
a funny girl
girl expressed as "gurl"
a girl who is fantabulous, and silly.
flails on occasion.
"oh look at that furl~!"
"your pretty furly today ~~"
"oh jennys so furlicious lately !"
by baaayyylaaay May 12, 2008
Crank thought to be crystal meth that those Jones county, Mississippi boys smoke on tin furl.
Jones County Redneck 1: "Hey man you got any furl?"

Jones County Redneck 2: "Hell you son, I got that fire, you didn't know?"
by king Pin December 27, 2004

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