The lint that has gathered and is found in a belly button. Generally, furch collects in "inney" belly buttons and is made up of cotton fibers.
When my boyfreind took off his shirt every night, he always picked the furch out of his belly button.
by kimmer May 27, 2004
Top Definition
When your just tuckin around and you feel saying something
"Say fuck"
"Milestuck duuuu"
by milestuckduu May 23, 2009
Fat Ugly Retarded Crack-Ho
"Holy shit, your Mrs is a right FURCH!"
by Imdraculasgirl January 29, 2009
The accumulated gunk that inevitably gathers at the top of squeezable condiment bottles, especially ketchup.
The thin crust of Furch on the ketchup bottle got all over my fingers, so I had to wash the crap off.
by Gas Pump October 28, 2008
Fake-Church = Furch, When you're supposed to be attending Sunday mass and you skip it, hide out somwhere else for an hour, so your parents this you went.
Last Easter furch was at the beach.
by SkipsChurchDiner April 15, 2011
A mildly eccentric but amiable person, typically from North Carolina. Spends a lot of time indoors watching several screens at once. Usually a combination of video games, Doctor Who and Japanese porn. Owns several furry jackets and has occasionally been known to rescue injured turtles.
eg: See that guy over there in the furry jacket stroking that injured turtle?
He must be a Furches. LMAO
by -Lehcar- August 17, 2011
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