A Fur Burger is the vaginal region of a Woman. Jamie and Sarah have only burgers. Their fur has been SHAVED ALL OFF!!! Fur is DISGUSTING.
Once she got a razor, that fur burger wasn't furry anymore.
by S. Woo January 23, 2005
a condensed area with sprouting out of control hair growth which covers the moose knuckle.
hey whore " shave that furburger before i dip in the hotdog.
by jake goldberg November 20, 2003
see muff
by P November 02, 2002
You're drunk, and you meet Lafawnduh. You decide to go down on her and her vagina is hairy. You eat it anyways. You just had a furburger, eating, sucking, licking, slobbing on a hairy vagina.
Lafawnda had a major furburger, i'm still finding hair in my teeth.
by UT fuckers February 14, 2005
a womans vagina when it has saggy lips, sometimes resembling a hamburger
man i was waisted last night and i went down on this chick and she was all furburger.
by michael byrd March 07, 2008
occurs when you pick a booger out of your nose, and there are nose hairs stuck in the booger. Hence, a "fur burger"
ow! i hate it when i pick my nose and i get a fur burger. it makes my eyes water.
by Juan Epstein June 05, 2006
referring to a pussy, snatch, cunt, etc.
Doogey Houser: Yeah i want some burgers, some furburgers.
by Timmy April 14, 2005

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