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A woman's pubic region in it's beautiful, natural, unshaven state. I.e. The best kind of pie.
"Man I got me some fur pie last night!"
by PigBovine October 22, 2007
50 28
Unshaven female genitalia.
"Some people don;t like fur pie."
by the devil made me do it January 20, 2003
72 16
Natural growth of pubic hair on a woman.
Fur pie doesn't sell.
by roxi June 26, 2003
82 49
Usually referring to an unshaven female pudenda, but it could refer to any bodily hair (underarm hair, pubic hair, leg hair) of both genders
I can deal with fur pie, but it's not my favorite kind of pie.

-"Are you unshaven?"
-"Are you unshaven? Fur pie doesn't sell."
by Loreleili November 25, 2005
25 21