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Short version for fucked up. Pronounced fapd.
Oh man i was so fuped last night I don't remember a thing.

This is all fuped. Redo it.
by Scootser April 05, 2008
short for "fucked up"
girl: "My boyfriend cheated on me with his cousin"

girl's friend: "Dude, that is so f'uped"
by kandeese March 26, 2011
Pronounced "Fupped".

When an Internet Service Provider punishes a heavy user of its service. FUP stands for Fair Usage Policy and is becoming a common term of service provision amongst ISPs in the UK as a means of keeping download bandwidth low and thus the ISP's profit margin high. Typically, this tactic is employed by ISPs against heavy downloaders, such as those who use peer-to-peer clients like Bit Torrent or eDonkey networks.
Last week I maxed out my bandwidth every day, and today I got fuped!
by Johnnyawb February 19, 2007
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