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Something that's so not funny that if someone started saying funny they'd be interrupted by someone saying "nahhhh" before they finished saying funny, thus forming the klangfarbermelodie word funnah.
Also spelt funnahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
"yuh mum"

by Eleanor Mary Corr August 12, 2007
1. A person of Italian heritage, usually equipped with a one pack instead of the usual six.

2. A sharp dresser with an affliction for belts.

Alternate 1. Losing by karma while gambling in a casino.
I had 20, the dealer made blackjack. I got funnah'ed.
by Dr. Hung So Lo February 02, 2010
A 1337 version of funny, or amusing.
OMGOMGOMG YUO= Teh funnah wone.
by T3eater January 17, 2004
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