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When you rip open the elbow, and take a big sniff. And it makes you just say damn! Some really smelly weed.
Man...Them are the funky dunkys! Smelling great...
by Marvelous_Marv November 10, 2007
13 11
an emotive expression
ur nu trainers r funky dunky
by BABYDUNN October 18, 2003
11 9
A word to describe the sound of MGMT.
"Hey, what does MGMT sound like?"
"They're kind of funkydunky."
"Oh, I understand completely now."
by Amazing Adjective March 23, 2009
0 0
A condom that is flavoured and/or brightly coloured.
Britney wouldn't let me fuck her coz i didn't have a funky dunky with me.
by Dunky Oggins December 07, 2003
7 9
1. A condom that has been used and possibly discarded
1. With Viagra you can ride that dunky until it's funky.

2. Oh man, I slipped on Dan's funky dunky
by flobo February 11, 2008
3 8