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An old-school saying referring to the fact that a couple is living in sin until they're married. Once married, the bride would be considered an honest woman.
"Joe, you've been dating her for seven years. When are you going to get married and make an honest woman out of her?"
by flobo July 26, 2008
From the days of newspaper TV Guides that would write two sentence synopses (loglines) of a television show. Sometimes these summaries wouldn't sound comedic on the surface, so "hilarity ensues" was used to ensure the audience understood it was a premise for a comedy.
Tonight on Seinfeld, George decides the best time to have a snack is during sex. Hilarity ensues.
by flobo November 10, 2010
1. A condom that has been used and possibly discarded
1. With Viagra you can ride that dunky until it's funky.

2. Oh man, I slipped on Dan's funky dunky
by flobo February 11, 2008

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