Stupid and hilarious funky
Have you seen Bob lately? His hairdo is just too fun-ky...hahahahah
by ben.magnum January 23, 2009
Drunk + Funny
"I'm drunk AND funny..I'm funky."
by voyezunfilm March 18, 2011
n. (made famous in late 90s by former UK heart-throb and boybander, Traxx Neutron) - One Capable of Funk'ng
Wow, that Traxx Neutron is a FunkY!
by v powers March 17, 2009
a word to use when your happy or when something cool happens.
i think its funky when you ______.
by ashley and nicole May 19, 2008
Derived from the 1960's slang describing the smell of a black woman's snatch.
Angela wanted Tyrone to go down on her, but he decline exclaiming,"that shit smell funky!"
by Eliot Minor December 25, 2007
Used in the phrase "Funky chicken" meaning the 2nd best of it's kind, the best is "Groovey rooster"
by Anonymous June 28, 2003
An expression used by people who regard themselves as higly gifted wen it comes to making/discussing/trashing music, but who basically are talking a lot of crap.
These people assume they understand the concept of funkyness but don' t understand the fact that funkyness is just some kind of bullshit term because no one really knows the meaning of the word.
I made this funky beat

That beat is allright, but it lacks in the funk department

What are you talking about?! You're just not feeling the funk.
by Vogly January 14, 2006
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