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Someone's Funkafied when moving or dancing to Funk music, getting into the groove, losing control over body and mind while the soul is taking over.
1. "Look at that, he's completely Funkafied!"
2. "Yesterday I got so Funkafied."
4. "Tonight I'm gonna get Funkafied."
5. "Love and light, Let's get Funkafied!"
by Rafson December 15, 2008
in a sense means messed up, just wrong, and or that's just not right! fucked up
That's funkafied man!
by Scott January 30, 2005
Being in the slap-happy state which occurs with extreme exhaustion.

There is four stages to funkafication:
1. Tired, Sleepy
2. Irratible
3. Sober
4. Extremely Slap-Happy
"I am funkafied."
"You are so funkafied."
"I'm suffering from funkafication."
by gmrjasz October 03, 2005
When someone is hot on the scene and laced with velvet and dingleballs. They are dressed up sweet and ready for action.
Leighann arrived at the Barndiva with a couple of drinks in her, her new tight haircut and a hot vintage dress. She was funkafied!
by TNord October 23, 2005

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