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a foul or raunchy smell (like the kind of smell when someone leaves food in their car for a really long time)
When Natalie got into Libby's car she said, "damn homie, yo car smells like funk ass"
by Libbeth December 19, 2005
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Also known as the S.Q.U.I.R.T.S. defense council, F.U.N.K.A.S.S. (Foundation for the Understanding of New Knowledge About SQUIRTS Sufferers) is attempting to fight for a cure against the ailment known as SQUIRTS. They have just recently been formed and are trying to stop the prevention of death, which is caused by the disease of SQUIRTS.
If you want to know more about F.U.N.K.A.S.S. join the group on Facebook.
by F.U.N.K.A.S.S. February 04, 2011
(Adjective) - Description of very hot new cool thing,in leading edge kick yo ass technology.
"I want one of them FUNK_ASS new PDA's for Christmas!!"
"My Dad bought a FUNK_ASS car last week!!"
"GURL - Just look at THOSE Manolo Blahniks on that shelf over there - aren't they just totally FUNK_ASS?!!!"
by WitchyPOO November 27, 2003

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